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Drew Albo is a Californian artist, designer, and writer. He is known for his colorful aesthetic, soft color palette, and whimsical approach to design.

After college, Drew ventured off into his artwork and illustration creating custom wedding invitations, artwork, and stationery products which were featured in boutiques like The Perfect Petal, Wordshop, and The Paper Lady along with trade shows and pop up shops like Jackalope Art Fair and Sweet Pea Art Fair. During this time Drew worked in retail in sales, management, and visual merchandising for several years, gaining experience in textiles, fashion, stationery, and art for brands like Paper Source and Anthropologie.

Later, moving from Colorado to the south bay of San Francisco, he worked for a local upholsterer and artisan Aby's Upholstery, he furthered

his textile knowledge and interior design efforts and started creating a broad range of artwork, design commissions, and interior design concepts in both the personal and professional world. Drew has collaborated with brands like ManRepeller, BioIonic, Briogio, Aby's Upholstery, The Perfect Petal, Vivan's Gourmet, Logan and Milo and more.

In addition to creating visual pieces, designing homes and businesses, he writes freelance for various online publications as well as for his personal site The Drew Albo, where he focuses his creative ventures on food, fashion, illustration, design, holistic living, sustainability, and cultural issues. 

Drew currently works from his studio in Los Angeles.