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I was trying to think about the method for my work and where I gain inspiration, but the truth is, inspiration comes to me from a lot of different sources. As platitudinous as that sounds most of my work is inspired by the people and lives that are living around me creating, working, and striving towards making the world a more beautiful place.

I love people and find inspiration by artists, musicians, politicians, and everyday people that have something to say. I love color and fashion and usually try to incorporate some form of that element into my work in someway. Joan Didion often uses clothes to anchor characters, I use clothes to create movement to an otherwise flat surface.

Whenever I illustrate an interior or exterior, the decision to do so usually lies within the person who occupies that space. I really enjoy the aspect of telling a story and introducing a person through the lens of their home, because it’s such a personal and deeply reflective space, oftentimes you can get a better portrayal of who the person is by where they live, rather than featuring them.



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A lot of the time I feel extremely inspired by strong characters that evoke a visceral and sometimes overwhelming response to me personally—other times I enjoy drawing people that inspire whimsy and/or evoke curiosity.

I like varying patterns and the way movement in fabric can be shown through shifting lines. Most characters resemble one another with distinct differences in areas of the mouth as it pertains to voice and the importance of highlighting that area separate from the rest of the image.





Most of the interiors featured in this section are homes that I have viewed in magazines, books, or online. Some of them are also original drawings of homes that I have worked on personally as an interior designer or have helped create.



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Every time I head home I feel more and more inspired by LA. There is something about seeing places that you grew up seeing and translating them into scenes that are illustrated and whimsical and full of Hollywood magic.



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